Veggie Brain (my first Black and White Wednesday)

Veggie Brain

Veggie BRAIN, it’s food 4 thought.

It is soon going to be two years since I opened this page and – skipping trite words on how fast time slips away – if I were to run a balance of what gained and learned I’d have no doubt: I’ve discovered a new passion for photography!

At the beginning was a small point and shoot camera I had never read the instruction booklet of. Now I sometimes think that taking pictures and sharing them has become my prior motive for posting. The changes  are all here to see, I will never substitute the horrid pictures of my first posts, they remind me of the road I have come and make me want to carry on improving and learning.

This said, I came across the Black and White Wednesday initiative a while back and immediately wanted to join, although it is not until now that I feel able to do it. It is not just the fact that finally I believe my pictures to be reasonably up to standards, but a few other things – ‘signs’, I could almost call them – concur in making this the right time to launch myself in this exciting adventure.

Firstly, since October the management of the BWW has passed in the hands of my dear friend Cindy. Also, this coming week the host is a blogger I have been following with admiration for a long time, Rosa, who writes from Switzerland her lovely page Rosa’s Yummy Yums (and now also a paper-li e-zine, check it out!).

So here I am. For my first entry I chose the picture of a cauliflower. I love the perfect and complex construction of this vegetable and the inner poetry of what is, unknown by most, an edible flower. Its shape, reminiscent in some ways of a human brain, also gave me the chance for a little pun with the name of my blog, Food 4 Thought. Indeed a bit of a ‘Veggie Brain’ might be what we all need to understand that sustainability in the kitchen requires we learn to contain our consumption of meat, one of the most energy consuming industries in the world.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and many more will follow.


Black and White Wednesday

Black and White Wednesday


  1. A lovely shot! Thanks for sharing and for the kind words. By the way, I don’t have a paper-li e-zine…

    Do you think that you could send me this picture via e-mail (grandchamp [at] gmx [dot] ch)? Thanks.



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  3. Thanks, dear!

    Oh, sorry… Got mixed up. Yes, it is indeed mine. ;-P

  4. ciao Alessandra, io adoro le foto in bianco e nero, comunicano di più, un abbraccio

  5. Grazie Tam, e felice di vedere che sei riuscita a risolvere le tue difficolta’ a lasciare un commento 🙂 Hai usato il profilo Facebook cliccando sull’iconcina, vero? A presto. Ale

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