Because exams never end – BWW #62 and a giveaway


Because exams never end

Yeah, because even if you are an amateur cook – turned (amateur) blogger – turned (amateur) food photographer, and all of that more or less by pure chance, you will always find a reason to study and under go yet another more or less formal examination.

So here I was this afternoon, enjoying the cold sun of a December afternoon in the garden, studying once more my favorite bible on food photography when I thought, hey, here I’ve got the picture for the next Black and White Wednesday.

It’s going to be week #62 and the char of hosting the gallery falls this time to Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook.

But not only, because a while back I’ve spotted the very special Giveaway organized by Giato Salò for a free place at their photostylist workshop that will be held in February by Lake Garda. And, look, the requirement for entry is a picture with a few subject options, amongst which is a composition including a chair, a book, and a leave … so here is the same shot in colours. In the nick of time for the dead end that was tonight!

chair4 copy


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